Selective Racking System

Selective Racking System / ชั้นวางพาเลทขนาดใหญ่

Selective Racking System  Our Selective Racking Systems are designed for products and goods that are typically heavier than a person can carry.
Therefore hoists and fork lift access is required to be considered and designed into the system from the beginning.
The shelving is Long-span and designed with strength in mind and can carry loads up to 2,000 kg. on each level.
Installation is usually simple and our consultants can design economical solutions for our customers.

Longspan Shelf System / ชั้นวางของ ชั้นวางสินค้า ขนาดใหญ่

Longspan Shelf System Long-span Shelving Systems are ideal for large and / or heavy items that are unpacked and not on pallets such as sheets and rolls of product as well as boxed items. Can carry weights of up to 2000 Kg. a level.
Best Storage’s consultants can make recommendations as to which racking and shelving configuration is right for your business and budget